One of our dogs is

                                 An  AKC NATIONAL TOP 20 Winner !!!*

                  THE HOME OF SOME VERY "COLORFUL" FRENCHIES!!!                                        

                                   UPDATED 5-28-16                    

               WE A HAVE GORGEOUS PUPPY NOW AVAILABLE!            This is Ozzie, Blue Triton's brother (see below)


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     My newest boy! We just produced a Gorgeous Blue and Tan boy!!
         Meet Blue Triton!! @ 2 wks He is staying here!

I have loved and owned French Bulldogs for over  30  years now..
    I love every color that the Frenchie comes in and they do come in a rainbow of colors. See my Frenchie Colors page.
I have some of the unique colors; Cool blues, yummy chocolates, and of course I have all of the other colors too, beautiful black brindles, wild reverse red brindles, handsome black masked reds, terrific Tri's, pretty fawns and also darling pieds in all these colors.
* I am even producing Merles!

I have spent many years researching pedigrees and I have hand picked my dogs from top International and American Champion lines..Please visit all my pages to see all my beautiful dogs and their offspring.

I have had dogs my whole life and have devoted a good amount of time to their care and well being. I have been a professional in the Animal Health Care field for a total of 15 years, have an AS degree in Animal Health and I have also owned and managed a successful boarding kennel for many years in the past. I work closely with a couple of different top Veterinary Hospitals in the area, one is an accredited AAHA member and one is a Reproduction Specialist. I do this to insure the best possible health and care for each one of my dogs and puppies..

I have owned many different breeds of dogs in the past but there is       just nothing like a French Bulldog.They are cute,smart,stubborn,funny and extremely loyal.They basically own you,not the other way around..They will follow you anywhere and everywhere..forget about your privacy,you have will have none when you have a Frenchie,they want to get so close to you that they will even sit on your feet if you let them.You will also find that after you get a Frenchie,they are kind of like potato chips,you can't just have one!!!

    Just a word of WARNING..Never give your Frenchie  GREENIES!!!!

                                           They can splinter !!!!

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